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Queen Crown Bracelets by MelissaSade's Designs

Price: $12

Customized by: MelissaSade's

These beautiful bracelets comes in 12 different colors 😍 and some of queen bracelets match with kings bracelets for a adore gift 🎁

Mel's Queen Bracelets

SKU: 0011
  • Because there are 30 plus color patterns please make sure you select the correct crown color before purchase.

  • Gold Crown ( White/Gold, Red/Blue, Gold/Tan,  Orange/Blue, Green, Amethyst, Red Dragon, Orange Marble)

    Silver Crown: ( Red/White, Grey/White, Green/Blue, Grey, Green/White, Red Marble)

    Rose Gold: ( Grey/Pink, Neon Yellow/Pink, Amethyst, Purple Marble, Blue/Purple Marble, Green, Green/Yellow, Blue/ Neon Orange, White/Sky Blue)

    Hematite Crown: ( Black/Blue Marble, Purple, White/Multicolor Blue, Grey/Black Hematite)

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