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How do I track my order?

]Once you complete your order on MelissaSade's website. I will ship your order out and you'll receive a message from me stating your order has been shipped along with tracking number.




What are your delivery options?

MelissaSade's Designs mainly ships with USPS. The shipping process take 2-6 business days.




How do I return an item?

.I will send the return address thru email and the return address will also be on my business card.

How can I contact your couriers?

The best way to contact me is thru email and MelissaSade's social media platfoms



IG ;





Do you provide International delivery?

IUnfortunately MelissaSade's Designs does not have a international delievery.



What is your returns policy?
When returning a item to MelissaSade's Designs please contact me thru emails confirming that your items you received was severely damaged or the items either too big or small. YOU MUST SHOW PHYSICAL EVIDENCE THAT YOUR ITEMS HAS BEEN DAMAGED.

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